The New Transmission Cooler
and Chin Spoiler

With my transmission and converter being built mainly for racing, it has a 1 piece input shaft for strength, and a 9 1/2 inch 3500 rpm stal speed converter. I had 4.30 gears in the rear end for 1/8 mile strips, and when it was NA, this combination worked out great. Now that I added the YSi, and converted to E85, the gears are way too low.

I switched to 3.55 gears to be able to cruise at a little lower RPM, and so I would not hit the RPM limiter in 3rd at the strip. The gears worked out great, except for one area. Now on the highway when cruising in OD, the engine rpms are around 22-2400 rpms with a non lockup converter stall speed. This turns the converter into a heat pump. The 2 B&M coolers I had on it would not cool the transmission on the highway in 95f weather. On a recent drive it hit 230 degrees, and caused me to pull off at a gas station and hose the coolers down till it dropped below 180. I was only 15 miles away from home, so drove the last bit in 3rd gear to keep the transmission pump turning faster. I made it home fine, but decided it was time to solve the problem.

I needed a new front seal on the trans any way, so pulled it and checked the pump, and also pulled the pan to check for signs of damage. I could smell the oil, and tell it had got too hot, but no other signs of damage. I rerouted the cooler lines, added extra insulation to the lines near the headers, and installed this huge cooler and made this chin spoiler to direct more air to the cooler on the highway.

The cooler fittings will be replaced with pipe to AN fittings with a 45 deg elbow on the end, and braided lines used. This will insure that no kinks develope, and get the lines up higher.

Here is where I ordered the cooler

Chin Spoiler

This is not to scale, and I am not a artist :)

Here is where I ordered the cooler

The Chin Spoiler is made from 2 pieces of a special plastic that they use on some circle track cars. It can be bent with a metal brake, and cut with tin snips. It is flexable, but returns to shape well. It is mounted to the lower front edge of the radiator support. Slots were cut to allow the rear half to go slightly past the ribs on the bumper cover. The front half was made to also clear the ribs, and extend to the lower edge of the radiator support. The area where they over lap were drilled, and held together with small bolts.

Sept 8 2008

It was 92 F here today, so I took it for a 50 mile road test. It only got to 185 on a long hill that I kept it at 70 mph on. On normal roads, it stayed 170-175. The cooler and chin spoiler has solved my over heating transmission problem.

Phase 2, Getting it on the Road

Getting it ready for the Strip

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