Roll Bar / Connectors Installed

I decided to do through the floor connectors, and tie them into the roll bar mounts. I still have to do the side ones, which will tie into the roll bar and front door bar mounts.

You can see the rear shock tower brace and the roll bar rear braces below.

Getting close

The through the floor connectors are welded in along the floor, and mount to the same plates that the roll bar angle bars mount to, making both very strong.

The rear section of the connectors will bolt in where the red Xs are below. The Roll Bar angle braces and 1/8 inch plate are directly above this mounting point.

This rear section of the subframe connectors are bolted in, to allow access to the exhaust. With the IRS subframe tied into the system, it will prevent any unwanted movement of the IRS, plus add strength to the front section. The new Torque Brace can be seen below between the lower control arm mounts.

Roll Bar is Complete. Will Install the 5 point harnesses next

Door Bars

On the Road

Getting it ready for the Strip

Full Project