The New Aluminum Center Section with
a Detroit Locker with 4.30 Gears
and Custom Half Shafts

This is the Billetflow Brace that will go on when
I change the rear lube at about 300 miles

This is what needs to be done to the side gears of the Detroit Locker to use in a car with IRS. The Detroit Lockers built after July 2004 have side gears made to work with both the standard type C clips and IRS C clips that stay attached to the half shafts

Correct Side Gear for IRS use

Here is where you can get any information on there full product line

This is the rear Brace made by Billetflow. It is also sold by Super Coupe Performance at
Super Coupe Performance

It will prevent flexing of the rear housing and cover, the cause for most breakage of the 8.8 IRS rears.

With the Detroit Locker and 4.30 Gears, the car should be quick and go straight. The Raxles Half Shafts Should Hold the Power with it being an automatic

I still have to get some bracing welded under the car, and a few other items.

Phase 2, Getting it on the Road

Phase 3, Getting it ready for the Strip

Full Project