Phase 3
Getting it ready for some action

Phase 1 was installing the new engine and transmission, exhaust, and fuel system to be able to run the car. Phase 2 was to get all the little things worked out, and make the car 100% streetable. Now is time for Phase 3, getting it ready for some action.

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Moving the Steering to Fit Headers

Battery Relocation

The battery has been moved to the trunk and a rear cut off installed
to meet NHRA Rules. Full details on the battery relocation are here.

Hood Pin Instalation

The car needs Hood Pins, so they were installed. This will
prevent the hood from flexing, and coming up at speed.

Getting Coil Overs Made and Installed

Interior for Weekend Only Car

The Ignition to Fire It

MSD Digital 7 replacing the Digital 6

With the Digital 7, I can run the 8261 coil. This provides 2 full amps of
spark, compared to 450 Ma, This is a 400% increase over the Digital 6.

Solid Motor Mounts

Making the Cowl Hood funtional

The Lentech Strip Terminator Transmission

The New TCS Torque Converter

Fuel Cell Instalation

Side Exit Ezhaust

Fuel System

The New Detroit Locker, Billetflow Brace and HD Half Shafts

Time For Some Serious Rubber

1 3/4 Long Tube Headers

YSi Vortech Install

Roll Bar / Sub Frame Connector Install

FAST Wideband O2

Converting to E85 and Carb Tuning

Installing a Manual Rack and Pinion



Upgrading the Brakes

Cooling the Transmission

Cooling the Engine - A large Radiator, and Mark 8 Fan with DC Control unit.

DMH - Electric Cutouts.

LEDs added to Tail Lights

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A non car photo :)

Projects for the future:

Lexan Windows
Fiberglass Doors
Back Halfed

Phase 1

Phase 2