Phase 2, getting it on the road

Some shots of the Bird at the end of July 2004

I have removed at least 400 lbs of weight, so even with the Eibach lower springs on it, I need to relower it. I will cut the needed amount of the coils off to get it back down to where it was with the Eibachs, and normal weight.

UPDATE July 30 2004: I took the Bird to the scales today, and with the street wheels/tires on the front, 6 way power seats still in, and 12 gals of gas, it weighed 3,275. This is lower than I had figured, so I am happy. Ounces add to pounds, pounds add to hundreds, and hundreds equal lower ETs.

The Steering Mod, Completed.
It works as smooth as silk.

The Dual 24,000 GVW Transcoolers to keep the trans
cool using a 3500 RPM stall speed non lockup converter

Rear Firewall for the Cell, and the Battery in the trunk

The Remote Oil Filter Mounted (Braided Lines Soon)

The Exhaust System. Side Exits to come SOON.
Using Dynomax Race Bullets

The Fuel Cell Completed

The Lokar Carb and TV Linkage

In the above photos near the top, you can see what it looked like after I removed about 700 pounds. It had a LOT of fender gap. I removed 1 1/2 coils from the Eibachs, and it brought the Bird back down to a nice stance. I figured it was time to get the alignment the way it should be, so I modified the K-member to allow the Camber to be adjusted to have "0" degrees with it lowered over 2 inches. I took it in and had a 4 wheel Alignment.

The 275/40/17 BFG Drag Radials tuck under the rears very nice

Getting it ready for some action

Phase 1