The Slow Process of Installing Long Tube Headers
on a car that makes even short tubes hard.

As some know, no body makes decent headers for the MN12 Thunderbirds. With that in mind, having some for a 351 swap is only a dream. This is my attempt to put 1 3/4 long tube headers to my Bird.

These headers are big, and come in sections that slip together in the car. The drivers side has the front 3 primaries and collector all together, and the rear tube slips in as you bolt it to the head. The passenger side has 4 pieces, and is a real challenge to say the least.

After they are all fitted, and any modifications done, they will be removed, and taken to Nitro Plate in Hendersonville Tn to be ceramic coated. While this is being done, the notch in the kmember will be boxed in, and the indented part of the floor boxed. When the headers are installed, I will install the 3 x 2 1/2 adapters and tie into the existing exhaust.

These have 1 3/4 inch primary tubes that are too big to bolt to the heads, so adapter plates are used. On my old 1 5/8 shortys, the tubes were dented in to clear the header bolts. It would be too much to do the same for these. These are a real PITA with the HD APR head bolts. It required a lot of grinding to get room for the bolts.

With two of the primaries going under the starter, I will insulate it even with the cooler runing ceramic coating being added when done.

Drivers Side

The top motor mount plate had to be trimed on both sides. The kmember needed to be clearanced on the right side. The drinvers side rear removable tube had to be rerouted.

These show what was done to route the left rear tube around the steering shaft. Now I have to get the rear one welded up, sand them where needed, and get them to Nitroplate in Nashville.

Modifying the floor and Kmember

Fitting Longtubes

Removing the Wiring Harness

The Headers With Ceramic Coating Instaled

The Bird

Getting it ready for the Strip