The Interior is very bare to reduce weight

The rear seat area. This will be covered with carpeting as soon as the new roll bar is installed

All the non needed items like radio, heat A/C, carpet padding, tar like sound proofing has been trashed.

The under dash stuff was all trashed, and the MSD Digital 6 Plus box is mounted on the shelf behind the glove box door.

Making a Rear Seat Delete

I had previously used aluminum to isolate the trunk area from the passenger area to pass NHRA tech inspection with a fuel cell and battery in the trunk. I decided to use a foam insulator to level off the area where the lower seat was. I used a product called "Great Stuff", since it is VERY light weight, and is sprayed in from a arisol can. Since it expands 50% over a 24 hour period, I sprayed it in layers. After 2 thin layers, it was time to put the aluminum top in place. I had drilled several holes in it to allow easy access to filling low spots. After spraying the foam in the holes, I placed cement blocks on top of it, so the expanding would not raise the aluminum, and only fill under it level.

Here it is leveled, and ready for some carpet.

Next Week it gets Carpeted

Getting it ready for the Strip