The Ignition System

The distributor is one that Accel custom made for Ford Racing. It is a being run as a magnetic pick up, and runs with the timing locked at 32 degrees. I am installing a MSD 7 Digital Plus box with a MSD HVC 2 coil. This combination puts out 48,000 volts, at 2 full amps. That is a hotter spark than many magnitos put out.

The MSD Digital 7 Plus, PN 7520 and the HVC 2 Coil, PN 8261

The MSD 7 Digital Plus has 2 RPM limiters, a Start Retard, and a high rpm Step Retard. I will set the high limiter at 6,500 RPMs, and the low limiter to just below where the rear tires start to move under full power braking. With the 3,500 RPM stall speed, it should be fairly high. I will have to play with it some to see. The low RPM limiter is activated by applying 12 volts to the blue wire. I will start off using the 12 volts going to the brake lights to activate it. Latter when I put a line lock on it, I will tie it to the line lock circuit.

Moving the MSD from the Engine area to the Glove Box

It worked fine in the engine compartment, but I wanted to make sure it stayed cool and dry.

I installed it with the quick disconnect connectors on top. I want it to be easy to remove for easy servicing and to prevent damage during any welding on the car. The MSD is mounted on a sheet of lucite to prevent any chance of chafing the wires and causing a short. This will also allow for quick changes of the rpm limiters or retard settings.

Phase 3