My New FAST Wideband O2 Meter

I made this up from some thin aluminum to fit in a empty spot on
the dash. I put weather stripping on it to cushion the display unit.

The bracket was secured to the recess in the dash with double stick foam tape, then the display secured to it with rubber bands. I will cut a couple of strips from a bike inner tube to use latter.

I will be converting to E85 Ethanol this Winter, and this
will be very handy getting fuel curve where I want it.


1. Very nice graphic and digital display 2. Very fast reaction time


1. High price 2. No provisions for mounting the display unit with out spending another $66 dollars for there suction cup mounting kit. 3. You need to make very large holes in the firewall to fit the big connectors on the cables through. 4. No gromments included to seal the big holes you need to make. 5. Have to go through the setup every time it is powered up.

Getting it ready for the Strip

Full Project