Cooling System

The radiator mounts are moved forward to where the A/C condenser was located to allow room for the new much thicker radiator, and Mark VIII fan, which still has to be mounted slightly off set to clear the water pump pulley.

Since the fan is designed to lower the water temp that radiator can not on it's own, this was installed in the lower radiator hose to better sence the water temp leaving the radiator to turn on the fan if the temp rises above 185f.

The fitting in the lower radiator hose was ordered from these guys.

I will have the fan wired up through a switch in the car to select normal, which will bring on the fan when ever the sensor calls for it. The other position will be Race. This will run the fan full time, except when the car is at WOT. During the short 9 second 1/4 mile runs, the fan will not run. I will install a WOT switch on the carb, like is used in some nitrous systems. It will be connected to the normally closed contacts.This will reduce the electrical load, so the alternator is not running full charge trying to restore what the fan uses, thus saving some more HP. As soon as the car goes across the finish line, the fan will come on, and run till in cooled in the pits.

The DCC Controlled Mark 8 Fan

This was ordered from Brian, at He combined a new Mark 8 fan, and a DC control unit. This uses a 18" variable speed fan that incorporates an OEM 4300 cfm fan with our integral controller. The variable speed controller in combination with a high peak-to-average current motor results in an ultra high efficiency system, flowing an incredible 3500 cfm at just 15A The 3018 provides the optimum in cooling efficiency in order to allow high cfm flow without having to upgrade your charging system. A water pump output provides variable speed control for any electric water pump. An ideal fan replacement for fox-bodied and later mustangs.

The controller has 2 connectors for the 12V connection, 1 connector for the water pump control, and 2 wires for AC, and a low speed full time run option. The AC control will bring fan on at about 60% speed, and the other one will run at 10%. If you tie the 2 wires together, and apply 12 volts, it will make a handy over ride option. This is how I have mine.

Getting it Ready for some action

Phase 1