My 93 Thunderbird Under Construction
Custom Coil Overs

Custom QA1 adjustable shocks are installed with 14/275 springs. 14/225 would be ideal for strip only use with the weight of this car with a 351 based engine. The hose clamp under the spring adjusting jam nut is for added security, so that they will not move with vibration.

Car setup at Race height

With the Adjusting collars set to lower the front a little more, it places the shock plunger closer to the bottom of the shock, allowing more rise to get better weight transfer. Will take a little time getting the right amount, and not using excessive energy lifting the front. Ideal should be just short of lifting the wheels. I will try several settings, and see what gives the best 60ft results.

This is how I park my Bird in the garage. I made the ramp braces so I can drive in, and up on them. Makes it very very nice for working under the hood, or under the car. The boards are wedged between the ramps and the back wall.

Installing QA! Coil Overs

Phase 2, Getting it on the Road

Phase 3, Getting it ready for the Strip

Full Project