The Bird under construction

Getting ready for the Fuel System

The fuel cell area.

That stinking sway bar.....

View of the right side

Since I will be using the car for both Drag Racing and street driving, I decided on a 16 gal cell. With the gas milage this will get, I would not dare use any thing smaller. The space between the rear sway and the rear of the trunk area is not big enough to mount the cell, and allow room for the fuel supply line, so the cell has to be mounted above the sway bar. This limits the fuel cell box depth to 5 1/4 inches. Since the fuel cell is 9 inches high, 3 3/4 inchs will be above the trunk floor level. The box will be made from 16 ga thick steel. There will be a steel brace welded at the rear of the cell box between the frame rails, and a shock tower brace used to retain strength. With the cell being mounted at this height, it will be high enough to prevent damage to the fuel lines at the rear, and still allow full use of the trunk.

This is a sketch to show the 3 bent pieces of the cell box prior to welding

Fuel Cell Part 2