The Bird under construction

Test Fitting

Getting Close

K member

I wanted to use a 7 quart oil pan, and did not want to use one with kick outs. I do not want to add to the already complicated header problem. I used a Canton 7 quart with there pickup tube to reach the deeper bottom.

This has a built in windage tray and with the 2 quarts more capacity, should help keep the oil cooler and keep plenty of oil available under hard acceleration.

The Kmember was knotched to provide 1/2 inch clearance. I then welded in steel plates to box the area for strength. The bottom of the Canton sits slightly lower than the bottom of the K member. A steel plate was welded to the bottom of the K Member for added strength, and to provide protection for the lower oil pan.

The tops of the motor mounts had to be modified to clear the block near the freeze plugs. The 393 is built from Fords 351 Sportsman block, which has a lot more cooling area in the block, and the area around the mains is much thicker than the standard production blocks. This is the view from below the mount.

Phase 2