My 93 Thunderbird Under Construction
Battery Relocation

With the battery in the trunk, I will get better weight transfer, and add some weight over the right rear tire to also aid traction. I had already installed a firewall between the trunk and passsenger area because of the fuel cell, so the battery does not need to be in a seperate box. The cut off switch is required to meet NHRA and IHRA Rules for batterys in the trunk.

I still have to install a high current circuit breaker in the system for short protection with the cable going through the full length of the car.

The Flaming River switch was installed on a fabricated small mount to get it at the correct heigth. These are very HEAVY DUTY switchs. Since this switch only has 2 post, I had to run the alternator cable back to the battery so that when the switch is pushed in, the alternator power will be cut off also, killing the engine and meeting NHRA Rules. The rod has not been shortened enough in the above 3 pictures.

With the handle installed for track use, it still does not look bad.

The battery cable uses a feed through connector to pass through the fire wall.

The rear seat area will be carpeted as soon as the roll bar is installed. The red cable is 1 gauge battery cable going to the trunk mounted battery. The black one is 4 gauge from the alternator.

Phase 2, Getting it on the Road

Phase 3, Getting it ready for the Strip

Full Project