This picture was taken just after I completed the 6 ele 15m antenna and was starting on the 5 ele 20m below it. These antennas were
installed on top of a tall building with the mounting poles about 70 ft between them. I installed a pulley at the top of both poles and used a type rope that the Army uses on antennas so it would not stretch, and would last a few years. The "side" booms and ropes going up to the ends of the element wires are the same small, strong rope. The side booms were tied off to the tops of nearby buildings.

After this antenna was complete, I built a 3 ele 40m using the same method. and mounted it on the roof to the right of this one. These were all built to give close to 50 ohm for direct feed. They worked very well.....

Another view of the antennas, edited..
I darkened the ropes some in the next
picture so you can see it easier....

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