Ken Hoffecker Camp Casey Photos

1960, 7th Aviation Co. motor pool the southern
most point at Camp Casey on MSR#3. The train
is going north and TDC is on the other side.

7th Avation Air Strip viewed from the train tracks


Our House Boy

Camp Casey Front Gate

Inside our Quanset Huts

7th Avation EM Club

Doing some repairs on the Drones

A Drone taking off from a Field Location

Landing, Just clearing the road that goes to Gate One.

Drones from the 1960

7th Avation Company HQ

Camp Casey, 1953 and 1954

Camp Casey, 1955 and 1959

Camp Casey, 1960 through 1970s

Camp Casey, 1980 through Present

Pictures of Korea during the 60s

7th ID MPs at Camp Casey

Happy Valley/Dragon Valley Area of Cp Casey

The History of Camp Casey Korea

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I was at Casey in 1960-61 in the 17th Transportation Bn.