IC7300 Mods

Doing the MARS Mod on the IC7300

This will take care of any of your HF or Mars
needs, and any new bands added in the future.

If you are not comfortable using a soldering
iron on SMD, you can use small cutters like this.

On US Versions of the 7300, the top left
diode, 422 is the only one in the left row.

If you do not have the proper size soldering iron, or do not feel comfortable removing the diodes with one, you can use a Small pair of diagonal cutters, and remove the diodes by placing the cutters in the recess corners of the diodes on the spots shown, and give a squeeze. They cut very easy with a good small set of cutters.

Both of these modifications are done by first removing the bottom of the radio. Make sure the power cord is removed before doing any of this, and you turn it upside down and blow out particals from the diodes. When you have completed the work, use your magnifying glass to inspect the area where the diodes were, to make sure no pieces remain. No reset is required.

The Antenna Tunner Mod

This will give the IC7300 Antenna Tuner much wider
coverage, so it can handle a higher mismatch.

Add a 100k ohm resister as indicated. This will work out well
for all applications, from low power, to high power digital
100% duty cycle modes.

The IC7300 HM219 Mic Mod

Using one, or all 3 of these sure helps. Cheap at Harbor Freight.


I posted this extra big, so you could see it ok,
with it being recorded vertical instead of
horizontal. Get the video centered

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