The is the shack of HL9JV in 1981-82

I was required to have the equipment secured when not in use. I decided that a a good way to do this, and be easy, would be to use a old army wall locker on its side on top of my desk. The locker had (4) 6x6 inch holes cut in with metal mesh placed on the inside. I also cut a (3) 3x12 inch holes on the back near the top of the desk to feed cables through. As you can see from the picture, I could open the locker door, and raise it up and hook it. This surface gave me a good place for needed information to use while operating.

HL9JV Shack

Equipment used:
Dentron Clipperton L, 1 KW amp
Robot 800 RTTY / Robot 400 SSTV equipment

3 ele on 40m
5 ele on 20m
6 ele on 15m
6 ele on 10m
Click to see antennas No picture of them when all completed