Cp Kaiser

Camp Kaiser Korea

l961 - l965

Picture near the 127th photo lab and film exchange
Picture from Frank Ault

Below Pictures from Wayne Golden, at Kaiser 1961-1962

Pol Fuel Dump

May be the Artillery Co. area?

Main Gate, 1961-62

L to R - SP/4 Wayne Golden, PFC Tony Lamphire

Great Looking Panhead. Belonged to the local KNP

18th. MP & 13th. Engr. area

Village & perimeter fence looking toward river

SFC Osmun

PFC Mike Grady, Co. Clerk

PFC Tony Lamphire, SP/4 Wayne Golden, PFC Ron Kimmer, PFC Gary Williams

Sp/4 Wayne Golden

Cp Kaiser CID Office

In Front of Provost Marshall Office

2nd Bn, 3rd Bde Officers Mess

Some Field Duty

Wayne Golden and Capt Glovers Jeep

Locals selling goodies at the field exercises

First snow was during our first field exercise

1st. Sgt

Company C.P, & Mess Area

Field Aid Station

Typical Mountain area

On The Move

Bivouac Area

Local Farmers Hayfield

D Co, 2/3 Inf.

SP/4 Golden

Heading to the Vil

D Co., 2/3 Inf, NCO Hooch


Kimchi Club on left, largest in the Vil

Kimchi Club was first club upon Vil entry

More of the Village

MP & Engr. Compound in far distance

MP & Engr. Compound in the distance. was off post by themselves

Road from post wound from left and back around Vil past MP compound

Notice the large number of Thatched Roofs in use in the 60s

Unchon-ni School

Unchon-ni Bus Station

Tynon's Tea House, D Co 2/3 Inf Mess Hall

Main street of Unchon-Ni

Arriving in Country. Same thing Going Home 13 months later

Troop Train at TDC and Camp Casey. Most were trucked from here north.

Troops arriving at 7th Replacement, D Company

Troop Ship at Inchon. This group brought there assigned weapons with them.

Pictures provided by William Beaver, who was
in the Radar section of HHC 2/17 in 1963-64

2nd BG, 17 Inf HQ

View of Cp Kaiser from AFKN Radio site

The church at Cp Kaiser in 1964

A typical Kimchee Bus of the 1964 time frame

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