Cp Kaiser

Camp Kaiser Korea

l958 - l961

2nd BG, 3rd Inf

2nd Plt, B Trp, 2-10th Cav, 1961

10th Cav, 1958

More of The Living Quarters at Cp Kaiser

More of the 10th Cav Area

The EM Club......

Below pictures from Norman H. Aronberg

Time frame 1960-61

View from the radio station Gyspy

"Nic Aronberg The King Of Nighthawks"

The Radio Station Gyspy Operating Crew

Water was not all supplied by pipes to the sink in the early days.

Sure is not much to look at :)

Camp Kaiser Chapel

These Pictures provided by Bob Heintz, who was
a Chaplains Assistant with the 7TH INFANTRY 1960-61

These are pictures of the Chapel as it was being built.

Paul Shennum,
7th Hawk Missile Bn, 38th Brigade

Sp4 Faulkner and Sgt 1st Lerner.
Sent by Paul Shennum

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