This are what the old Army Barracks were like.

Back in the Open Bay barracks, we all got to know each other better than later years.

I remember some of the gags we pulled on each other. Several of them had to do with these old stacked bunks.

One I remember was a guy that had the top bunk, and he went out drinking every Saturday night, and came in Blitzed. One night we removed the little springs that were around the edge, under the mattress and replaced them with sewing thread, then placed his mattress back on it. He came in around 3 AM, and climbed up there, and down he came. He cussed for a few minutes, then passed out. At Breakfast time he was still out, hanging half on/off the bunk. Good thing the guy that had the bottom bunk was gone for the weekend, since the top mattress and the drunk were on the bottom bunk.

Another thing that was done, was catch someone laying on there bunk asleep with there hand hanging over the edge. Someone would put "warm" water in a steel pot, and slowly slip it up so there fingers were in the warm water. This would cause most to relax, and in many cases, piss there pants.

The Memories.... LOL

Ft Sill OK in the 1960s