585th Trans Co Vietnam

Pictures of the go cart we built in the 585th Motor Pool.
After Hours of Course.

Sp5 Bruce Richards and Richard Clinton

Same pose 42 years later at the Gathering

That is Richard Clinton from the 5th Maint Contact Team
checking out the Go Kart during the construction phase.
That is a Jeep Engine mounted side ways.

We used the sprokets and chain from a 5 ton wrecker
rear winch to connect the engine and rear axle.

It was a blast to drive. It was so easy to do wheelies with. Williamson took it out the gate one day, and down to the main road through Phu Tai. As soon as he got going, he met a MP Jeep. He gassed it and almost flipped it over backwards doing a big wheel stand. If it wasn't for that little gas tank, they would never of caught him.

I still like to build things that are Fast

More Pictures of the 585th Area

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