My Future 40m 4 Ele Wire Yagi

Plains are for this Summer to be ready Fall 2020

Idea phase


Overall layout

delta loops
I will most likely go with this,
if it clears all the the trees

Beam Plot
Signal Plot of the 40m Antenna

overhesd view
Over Head View

I will start off with the antenna at 20 degrees, and most likely leave it there for the Winter. The following Summer, I will move the end over to position A or B to concentrate on more in Asia.

What helps these, is designing them to be close to 50 ohms at the feed, so you can tweak them with just slightly lengthening or shortening the driven element. They work fine using either a standard center insulator, or a light weight 1-1 balun.

The weighted bucket being attached to the boom rope should allow the tree to move in the wind, and the antenna stay reasonably stable.

I built 4 of these while I was in Korea, and they worked Great. I was going to do a 5 or 6 element, but the beam width would be too narrow. With this, I think I will be able to point it directly North, and be able to work both Europe and Asia. If too narrow, I will drop it, and remove the last director.

Here is some information about the Wire Yagis that I built in Korea in 1981-82. They work Great.

My Wire Yagis in Korea

My Rhombic and PRC74 in Korea

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