1st AIT Bde USATC Fort Sill Ok

This was our barracks that was on Wilson St, across from the mess hall, and not very far from the motor pool. There were several guys in the unit that had recently returned from Nam. We worked hard, but partied harder.

Below is how the area was setup back in the 60-70s.

In the next 2 photos, the 1st AIT Motor Pool is out lined in red.
The motor pool buildings were still there in 1995, but are now gone.
Our barracks were in the area out lined in blue, and were on Wilson St.

Below is how the area looks now, and where the old motor pool was located.

When I returned from Vietnam, I was assigned to Ft Sill OK, after a 3 month stop off at Ft Benning Ga. I was assigned to Hq 1st AIT Bde, and worked in the large motor pool as a Mechanic.

I am looking for any of the guys that were in this unit during the late 60s, and any photos of the guys, buildings, or motor pool. Some of the guys I remember are: Roger Haynes, Ron Davis, Bob Osmas, Joe Tholand.

This is the car that I had while I was at Ft Sill Ok. I traded it in on my 67 Mustang GT.

My 62 Thunderbird I had at Ft Sill

The 67 Mustang I traded the Bird in on

I am still a Gear Head, my Hot Rod T-Bird

My Time in the Army