1963 VW

In 1963 I was stationed in Kassel Germany, about 100 miles north of Frankfurt. Our unit was on Rothwesten Kaserne, and the motor pool was at Waldau Kaserne. We found a nice appartment in a small town about 5 miles away, so for the 1st 2 months I had to walk to work.

I was told about the good prices that we could get on a new VW, so we bought this. I drove it for about 6 months, then had the need for a little more power. I picked up a 1500cc VW Transport (truck) engine and added a Judson Supercharger to it. This made the VW a fun little car to drive.

Ended up shipping it back to the States, but soon after traded it in on the 59 Thunderbird.

The 59 TBird

The Bird